January 31, 2019

Am I ever in love with this confetti gift wrapping project!



To make confetti gift wrap, you really need two things: confetti, which you can either buy in store or whip up yourself, and clear wrapping paper a.k.a. cellophane. 



I recently traveled to Target and bought the confetti for today's project.  I found it in the Valentine's crafts (and it's made by Spritz).  If you were to make it, give yourself plenty of time and use a paper trimmer (to make squares) or confetti punch (to make circles).  The cellophane can be purchased HERE.


Wrap a gift as you would using the paper of your choice.  I show you here how this project looks using both solid paper and some patterned kind (and either one looks great!)



Lay down the roll of cellophane and sprinkle confetti all over it, then proceed to wrap the gift all over again.  



Then add a few glitter letters to give the presents a little extra personality.




I have a feeling I will want to wrap all my presents like this now!


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