January 5, 2016

*This post was updated on January 11/15 to include additional Valentine products.*


Hello friends.  I hope you're enjoying your day so far.


I have been cooped up in my craft room this week creating some new product for Valentine's Day for the SHOP.  I have just finished uploading them to the products page, but I thought I would give you an update here as well.



I am on a mission to make my cards better and more beautiful, and I am putting more time into the small details.  I have five cards for Valentine's, and each of them are unique in their own way.



I'm also brainstorming ideas for baby, anniversaries and birthday.  I will definitely be busy in the next few months!



When I started on this journey, it was a way to pass time and do crafting the way I was used to it.  But now, I see the potential into making this little hobby of mine into something more.  



Something hit me this year.  I feel a lot more determined, confident, stronger, and eager than ever before.  



It's no surprise that a new year brings new goals, and I am 100% focused on this thing.


What you got today is a lot of little sneak peeks.  To see the full images, pricing, and details on each of these cards, please visit the shop pages HERE.


I also have glitter tags available in two colours:




They come as a pack of 6 in each colour. 


Have a wonderful day, and thank you for taking a look.


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