November 3, 2015

You guys, I have a new obsession.  It's making pom poms.


Besides the fact that I love their fullness and fluffy nature, this project is so simple, requires few tools, and it only takes minutes to whip one up.


So here's the big ol' list of supplies:


  • Yarn

  • Fork

  • Fabric scissors



First, you want to cut a length of yarn and feed it through the middle of the fork.



Then, tightly wrap the yarn around the fork, about 50 or so times (or more if you want fuller pom poms).



Take the length that you cut before and tie a tight knot.



Pull it off the fork, and use the scissors to snip all the ends.



You'll be left with a lopsided pom pom.  Finish by trimming the ends until they are all equal length.



Pom pom complete! 



I used mine to top off this present.  But there are so many more ideas that you can try, like a garland, mobile, or wreath, or take a bunch and display them under a cloche on your mantel for Christmas.



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