Even though all the Christmas decorations have been boxed and put away, I always like to keep a small stash of balls for props for those early Fall photo shoots.

I also have an ornament buying problem, for which there is no cure! So when I bought these glittery gold ornaments last season, that came in a mesh bag with a few pinks and maroons, I realized that I have more than enough small baubles, and I can spare a few!

Which led to this project. It's actually a cute project for kids to make, a bouquet for grandma or mom, but I recommend an adult present around the use of a hot glue gun.



Punch the scallop circle shape on a really pretty textured paper in a colour that reminds you of a flower. Make an "x" in the centre with the crafts knife.

At each point, make a cut towards the centre without going to close to the "x".

Remove the cap from an ornament. Apply hot glue around the lip and insert it through the "x" or centre of the flower.

Insert a pipe cleaner into the ornament. Apply hot glue to the ornament's lip again and begin wrapping the pipe cleaner around it to cover the paper.

Add a dab of hot glue to one end of a lollipop stick. Insert it into the ornament, and continue wrapping the pipe cleaner around it. You will need two to cover the entire lollipop stick. Finish by adding a dab of hot glue to the bottom of the lollipop stick to secure the pipe cleaner.

This little arrangement is sure to brighten a desk or small table during these drab winter months!

Total project time: about 25 minutes for four flowers.

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