As many of you know, the May Paper Craft Challenge came to a screeching halt due to some personal family health issues (thankfully nothing COVID 19 related, but still scary nonetheless!) While everyone is good and well now, I did want to share this next craft that was supposed to be posted back in May during the Challenge, but are just as well timed for summer: these handcrafted triple scoop ice cream cards!

This craft uses paper punches, but if you don't have them in your stash, no sweat. You can always cut the shapes free-handedly (I'm just not a very good cutter!), or shop for some craft punches below!



Cut the circles for the ice cream, one in each colour. Make the cherry with the 1" punch. Cut a triangle out of the Kraft paper, no wider than 1 1/2" at the top. The round the bottom corner with scissors.

Insert the ice cream "scoops" into the scallops punch, and cut them exactly as shown in the photo.

Round off the hard corners with scissors.

Then take the cone you made and add score lines in a diagonal to give it a "waffle" look.

Tape all four pieces to the front of a pre-scored card, starting from the cone and working your way up.

Then complete the cherry by inserting it back into the 1" circle punch and taking a little bit off. Round the corners, then cut a small "stem" on the brown paper. Attach it to the back, then tape the cherry to the card and voila!

Total project time: about 15 minutes.

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