Well friends, it's that time of year as May is almost here. It's that time for the May Paper Craft Challenge!

The May Paper Craft Challenge began in 2019 as an excuse for me to use up all my paper scraps. After our big craft room/basement renovation that we completed last April, I wanted a neater and smaller craft room area with minimal waste. And since crafting with paper is what I do best, I decided to start the challenge, but most of all, have fun with it!

The idea is simple: craft with me for the entire month of May, Monday thru Friday, using only paper scraps and creativity! In the end, you'll be happy to use up leftover paper, maybe make new space for more, and create with the ones that you love in this especially critical time. Then, share your projects with me either on Instagram or Twitter by using the hashtag #whcmaypaperchallenge, or by sending me an email with images of your work! The crafts will be simple, kid-friendly for the most part (unless there's a glue gun involved), and colourful too.

So get ready to be inspired, and get those paper scraps ready. I'll be seeing you again on May 1st, and I hope you'll like what's to come!

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