Yesterday's rain was the perfect time to get a little crafting done. When I think of a new craft, my mind always goes to creating a cute gift tag because my obsession with gift wrapping and tags is where my passion for paper crafting got started!

So up I came with these supersized flower tags, and my favourite part of all - their glittery centres!



For each gift tag, trim card stock paper to 3" by 4 1/2". Use the punch board to make the tag, cutting the diagonals on line "F". Use the scallops punch to make the shape of the flower. At each inside point, make a cut towards the centre being careful not to go right thru. The leaves are made with the large circle punch. Once you cut the circle shape, insert it back into the craft punch to make eclipses. Then, score them down the centre and fold slightly.

Tape the leaves to the front of the tag first. Attach the centre to the flower, made with the 1" punch, then tape the flower over the leaves.

Add glue from a glitter glue stick (I chose silver). You can find these at a dollar store. Then let the tags dry for an hour or so before using.

Total project time: about 15 minutes for three gift tags (drying time not included).

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