Valentine's is only five weeks away. Does anyone else feel like January is already passing us by? May as well bring out all the red and pink paper and make a few crafts!

That being said, today's fun project is one for kids that doesn't take much effort. These adorable fish were assembled completely with hearts! That's right, hearts of all sizes made with my paper punches, but you can just as well use scissors. So make it a Valentine crafternoon with these quick and easy directions for little heart fish found below.



Punch (or cut) hearts beginning with the body. The body of my fish is a 2 1/2" heart. From there you'll need three more size hearts, a googly eye, and crafter's tape.

Tape the lips as shown, then the first fin on top of the body.

Tape the second smaller caudal fin underneath the first one. Then finish by applying the eye. Some googly eyes are adhesive, but if yours is not, you can apply it just as well with the crafter's tape and it will hold.

Glub, glub!

Total project time: about 30 minutes for seven heart fish.

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