Today I finished the last of my gift wrapping, and it feels so good!

Hubby is always astonished as to how long it takes me to wrap gifts. Whereas it may take him an hour to wrap a dozen or so, it would take me about two days!

That's because I'm particular about the small details, whether it be a handmade ornament or token on top, or a fluffy pom made with old-school tinsel. There are so many ways to make a gift look unique, and I think with Christmas near there's no better time than the present to go that extra mile (or day!)

So below you'll find ideas from past and links to their tutorials. I think you'll find that the whole process will make gift giving this year so much more rewarding!




1. Tinsel topped presents from the post: 6 Ways I'm Wrapping my Holiday Gifts This Year.

2. Paper punched snowflakes and yarn tassels from the post: Snowflake Tassel Gift Toppers.

3. Painted baubles with stickers from the post: DIY Colourful Word Baubles.

4. Santa boots ribbon from the post: Santa Boots Ribbon Wrapped Presents (with Free Template).

5. Accordion trees from the post: 5 Minute Kids Accordion Christmas Tree Craft.

6. Stamps and pom poms from the post: 6 Ways I'm Wrapping my Holiday Gifts This Year.

7. Metallic gold gift card holders from the post: DIY Gift Card Holders with Bells On.


Happy wrapping!

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