It is officially February, love month as I call it, and here's a post that may interest you. I teamed up with Mint to give you some really fun family-themed Valentine's Day printables to have a great and cozy night in with your kids and significant other.

According to, the average person spent approximately $162 on Valentine's in 2019. Crazy! This is not what this is about; all of these activities can be enjoyed right at home at little or no cost:

"Having fun on Valentine’s Day can get expensive - from all of the candy, to the toys, to the customized notes. But Valentine’s Day fun doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Mint created a ton of free Valentine’s Day printables that your family will enjoy, from a bingo scavenger hunt for family movie night, to a challenging word scramble, to fun Valentine’s Day-themed place cards that will make family dinner more festive."

So what are some things that you can do to make Valentine's Day more special for the whole family?

1. Plan and make a delicious family dinner (and then use these super cute place cards for the table!)

2. Enjoy a movie together (while finding the items on one of these three scavenger bingo sheets. First person with a full card wins!)

3. Create a list of family goals or make future plans together (and jot them all down on "What Our Family Loves").

4. Include a game or two (like this challenging word scramble game!)

Check out the Mint blog for even more ideas on what you and your family can do for a fun time on February 14th. And to download all of these printables as one PDF, click HERE.

*This post is in partnership with All opinions and photographs shared here are my own.*

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