This year, going back to school is a strange feeling for some. Some kids may not even return, and will be enrolling in the full-time online program at home. That being said, it's still close to that time of year, so check out what I made with some leftover baking cups for organizing your desk or craft room table. This a definitely a useful project that anyone can enjoy!

These little baskets are already halfway done for you because I used old square baking cups that I had in my stash. They are strong and sturdy, and a with a little creativity, I made them into little organizers for small things: erasers, washi tape, paper clips, and more!

To make them too, look in your baking cupboard or hit up a hobby store. Then, gather the following items.



Cut a strip of card stock to 3 1/4" x 7" for the handle.

Round each of the corners at 4 mm. Then bring the ends together and punch through the middle.

Add two opposite holes on the baking cup near the top (about 1/4" in). Attach the handle to the cup with two small brads.

Add decorations to the basket with craft punches such as flowers and butterflies (you choose!). If you choose to make layers, glue shapes together with the crafter's tape.

Attach the embellishments with brads to the basket. This way, should you want to change up the look, everything is easily removable!

Total project time: about 30 minutes for four baskets.

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