Friends, I have another gift tag project for you, and this one can definitely go beyond the holiday season.

I can go on making tags all day, any day. There are so many ways to be creative with gift wrapping, but today's project is a simple, yet elegant craft, and what makes it so is one of my favourite crafting ingredients: glitter!

To make a bunch of these tags, keep on reading on what you'll need (it's not a great big list of things at all!)



For each tag, cut card stock to 3 1/4" x 2 1/4". The reason I suggest paper with the pattern on only one side is so that the back of the tags remain white, which is easier to write your greeting. For this particular project, I chose paper that is plain, shiny, textured, and with a little pattern in it. Anything will work! You decide on the right look for the right occasion.

Make the tag shape with the tag punch board.

Apply double-sided tape all around the edges.

Peel off the white film.

Then gently tap the glitter jar and cover every surface that has tape. I chose pink ("Cotton Candy") and turquoise ("Wintermint") for my project.

Then pull up the tag and shake off the excess glitter. Repeat these steps to make a whole bunch of tags in different looks!

Total project time: approximately 30 minutes for six gift tags.

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