Unleash the creative side in every child with these artsy and crafty finds for the holidays with Amazon Prime. The really good news - there's nothing over $25 in this list! See for yourself.


1. Melissa & Doug's four pc. mini sketch pad comes with 200 pages of acid-free white paper suitable for drawing and sketching with markers, crayons, pencils, charcoals, and more. This product is suitable for both boys and girls from ages 3 and up.


2. Check out all the fantastic colours that you get in this pack of 40 (called THE BIG 40!) of Crayola's washable markers. You can't go wrong with this one. This gift will surely pair nicely with #1 too.


3. For the artist in him or her, there are 15 unique paint brushes in this set by Artlicious, and check out all the fun colours too! There's a brush here for acrylics, watercolour, oil paints, and more. Take your pick.


4. Now dip those paint brushes into Plaid's Apple Barrel's acrylic paint. This is a 16 pc. set of some of their best selling colours ranging the entire spectrum. A definite must have!


5. Who doesn't love Play-Doh for modeling? It's non-toxic, and suitable for children 2 years and up. Plus, this pack of 10 unique colours is an Amazon exclusive, and the price cannot be beat!


6. Teach children the art of origami with this set by Creativity for Kids that comes complete with 60 bright neon papers, sticker embellishments, and easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. It will certainly keep them busy for hours! Ages 7 and up.


7. Decorative scissors (look closely at their blade patterns) make cutting even more fun, plus they are safe for small children to use. Gift it with construction paper, and item #8 for more paper crafting projects.


8. Take it from the world's biggest kid when it comes to paper punches, this set here is a must have! It comes with 20 different designs that cut shapes into 1 cm x 1 cm pieces. So many fun paper crafts in their future!


9. It's a bead kit that will have kids spending countless hours designing fun images and shapes. It includes 24 colours in over 5,000 beads! It also comes with four pegboards, two reusable ironing papers, and tweezers. It's not suitable for small children (and adult participation is required).


10. Finally, these face and body crayons are safe, non-toxic, and easy to use. This set comes with over 30 vibrant colours, so kids can have a real fun time creating costumes and other artistic creations on themselves and their friends!


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Have you starting your Christmas shopping? I will be doing a lot of mine this year from the convenience of my home with Amazon. And if you haven't already, please do check out last week's post on 10 gifts every crafter should have (there may even be something there that you have on your list!)

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