I may have filled these candy boxes with, you guessed it, candies, but they are the prettiest way to wrap any small package, including jewellery and other small things.

Don't let their shape intimidate you either, because with the We R Memory Keepers candy box punch board, you can be whipping up these gift boxes in just seconds! Then it's up to you how you want to customize their look. I have a few simple ideas to show you right here.



Follow the punch board's instructions and use the crafter's tape to secure the box.

Use the scallop punch to make the outer layer of your stamp. Then make a circle on a sheet of card stock that compliments the shape. With one of your holiday punches, make a snowflake or snowman or tree (or any shape you choose) as long as it's under 1 1/2". Adhere it to the centre of the circle shape with tape.

Attach the circle to the scallop form with foam dots, giving your stamp a little height.

Then use foam dots again to adhere the entire stamp to the front and centre of a candy box.

Before filling the gift box, tie one end with ribbon. Make a double knot, then a bow. Secure the contents of your gift, whether it be candy or not, inside a plastic jewellery bag (because you'll notice that there will be a gap at the end of the candy box where things can fall out).

Insert it into the open end of the box, then finish it off by tying the other end with ribbon.

Total project time: about 20 minutes for three candy boxes.

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