For $1.25, you can't go wrong. That's right, it cost me only a $1.25 for a pack of five wooden snowflakes at Dollar Tree, and I bought two!

Then I gave them each a coat of paint in three shades of pretty blues. Added a few rhinestones, because after all, snowflakes are magical!



Give each snowflake a coat of paint. I chose shades of blue because it's my favourite colour. You may want to try silver or white, or be completely unconventional with brighter hues.

Let the snowflakes dry completely before adding a rhinestone to each of their points and centre.

Then string them for a festive wintry garland. Tie a knot around the snowflake's hole before moving on to the next one. This way, they won't shift when you hang them.

Total project time: about 1 hour for ten snowflakes (not including drying time).

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