Friends, it is that time of year to shop for Christmas gifts, especially if you like to shop early like me.

I started this blog with few things in my craft room, but since then I have been stocking up. Stocking up on items that are useful, helpful, and overall wonderful. It makes this craft life that much more fun!

So here you'll find a list of items that I think every crafter should have. Help someone else fulfill that craft room dream (or continue filling your crafty space) with my beginner and non-beginner craft essentials. Underneath each item I listed some related projects, starting with holiday-making. But the possibilities are endless!




1. The newest product in the Silhouette family is their CAMEO 4. It's a die cutting machine that allows you to make precise cuts in paper, vinyl, fabric such as leather, and so much more. It also has a built-in roll feeder which makes cutting vinyl easier than ever. A total must have! Here are a few projects that I've made with my Silhouette:


2. I've used my paper trimmer for so many different projects, and this one here by We R Memory Keepers is a two-in-one paper trimmer and score board! So when I need both for a project, it's real handy to have. Plus, you have a 12" base to work with. You would have seen this cool tool in projects such as:


3. Making garlands for a party or seasonal decoration has never been easier with the We R Memory Keepers banner punch board. And did you know, you can make the banners in three different shapes - pennant, flag, or crest! This is a newer tool for me, so I've used it in only two blogs so far, but I can't wait to make so much more with it:


4. The Surebonder dual temperature hot glue gun is a definite must have for any gluing project. It's safe even for paper, as long as you use it on a low temperature setting. It has a handy stand too so that glue doesn't get all over the glue gun, which as you know isn't easy to come off once it dries. The price cannot be beat! Here are some things you can make with it:


5. Every crafter definitely needs a set of craft paints. I've hooked you up to a list of PLAID paints because I have been a huge fan for a very long time. Their acrylic paints are so easy and smooth to apply, and super quick to dry. Here are a few projects that you can do with paint:


6. Pom poms are everywhere nowadays, including on home accessories, jewellery, and clothes. A set of four pom pom makers is a definite must have to quickly whip up projects of any size. Here are a few ideas you can steal:


7. Crafting with washi tape is fun, no doubt. And with a so many patterns, textures, and colours available, you can do so much with them! Like these projects here:


8. As a paper crafter first (self-proclaimed, of course), I started out by making gift tags to sell to friends and family. With help from tag punches, including circle ones, you can make gorgeous handmade tags for every occasion:


9. To make those tags and other pretty paper things, a good selection of card stock and/or scrapbook paper is also essential. This blog has a wealth of paper crafts that you can search. But here are just a few ideas for today:


10. And last but not least, every crafter must have a fine pair of scissors for every project. There is a different type that specializes with different materials. So do your research before you buy, but I can guarantee you that there's nothing more frustrating than having the wrong pair of scissors for the job. I use scissors all the time for cutting washi, ribbon, yarn, paper, twine, and more:


P I N M E !


So there you have it, friends! That about sums up my list of what every crafter should have. I hope you've gotten some good ideas for your holiday shopping this year.

Til next time...

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