Every year I like to make a good bauble project. And while you may think that eventually I will run out of space on my tree, truth is I give a lot of the projects that I make as gifts. For instance, I like to tie an ornament to the top of a beautifully wrapped present, or hang one from the handles of a festively decorated gift bag. I keep few for myself, maybe one or two for memory, but the rest I like to give away as a special handmade touch.

Using glitter washi tape, ones that I've collected over time, I created four unique and colourful baubles. And I can't wait to share them with my friends and family!


  • 6 cm plastic ornaments (I bought mine at Walmart)

  • Glitter washi tape (see shopping guide at the bottom of this post!)

  • 3/8" circle punch

  • Crafting hook


Start with one colour of washi tape, and use the punch to create the little circle shapes. Pull them from the punch with a hook if they do not come off easily. Randomly place them on the ornament, spacing them about one inch apart.

Repeat this process with at least four other colours of washi tape, making a bauble that's bright and colourful. Each bauble, when complete, will have about 38 - 42 dots.

Total project time: about 1 hour for four baubles.




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