I am excited to start sharing some Christmas and holiday projects with all of you! This is one of my favourite times of the year, where I am so inspired and the ideas just keep on coming. In fact, over this past week I've completed six new crafts, and I have lots more up my sleeve. So fun!

But before I go ahead and do that, I am giving you a ton of in-your-face inspiration right here in this post! You can also find all of the images below in my Pinterest board called "Christmas Crafts", and some have come right here from this blog. To now, I have pinned over 1,000 Christmas craft and DIY projects that include wreath making, DIY ornaments, unique gift toppers, and paper crafts. This is the third in the series of "What I'm Pinning..." because I have also shared 1,000 Paper Crafts and 1,000 DIY Projects. I hope to continue posting as I reach that 1,000 mark in my Pinterest boards. And if you're not a follower yet, you'll want to be one by clicking HERE!

So here are just a few (I wish I could post them all!) favourites of mine for the holidays...




Ruffle Trees via A.C. Moore

Reindeer Pinatas via A Subtle Revelry

Christmas Paper Envelope Liners via White House Crafts

Elf Balloon Sticks via Oh Happy Day

DIY Glitter Ornament Gift Card Envelopes via White House Crafts

Mini Wreaths via Real Simple

DIY Colourful Rhinestone Ornaments via White House Crafts

DIY Colourful Christmas Village via Studio DIY

Mini DIY Colourful Vinyl Snowflake Ornaments via White House Crafts

Christmas Bauble Pinata via Make & Tell

DIY Mod Wooden Ornaments via Say Yes

DIY Elf Quote Mugs via Bespoke Bride

DIY Disco Ball Christmas Tree via Studio DIY

How to Make Christmas Stars with Paper via A Subtle Revelry

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas via Sarah Hearts

Paper Punched Christmas Tree Art via White House Crafts

DIY Family Paper Stockings via White House Crafts

DIY Colourful Word Baubles via White House Crafts

Holly Gift Wrap via Like the Cheese

Decorated Paper Mittens via White House Crafts

Santa Boots Ribbon Wrapped Presents via White House Crafts

Holly Balloon Gift Toppers via Oh Happy Day

Christmas Paper Lights Garland via White House Crafts

Tinsel Gift Toppers via White House Crafts


So there you have it, friends! I hope I've inspired you to craft for the holidays if you haven't already gotten started. I always like to get a head start too as days closer to Christmas will get hectic.

I'll have my first craft to share with you next week. Until then, happy crafting!

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