I have been feeling a disconnect from the craft room lately. As you know, my favourite element to work with is paper, and I love doing the paper crafts. But lately, I haven't been as inspired as I hoped to be. It hasn't truly been since the May Paper Craft Challenge that I just sat at my desk and created something. I've been thinking way too hard about what to make and how to be unique, but I feel that the best projects come from just doing and not really thinking at all.

So I did that, and cleared my mind and sat down with all my paper and tools in front of me and just created. I still wanted to do something for Fall, so here enters this project: colourful paper punched pumpkin gift tags!



Make the pumpkins first by cutting three oval shapes in the same colour of glitter card stock.

Add double-sided tape to attach two shapes together by overlapping them, and then add the third piece to the centre.

Make the stems by cutting a small strip of brown paper (I actually pulled a sheet from one of my scrapbook paper pads that has a tree bark pattern in it), and attach the stems to the back of the pumpkins with clear tape.

Add four foam dots to the back of each pumpkin, and then set them aside.

Make the tags by cutting bright card stock sheets down to 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" rectangles.

Snip two opposite ends in a diagonal, and add a hole between them.

Arrange the pumpkins by the best match.

Then complete the tags by removing the foam stickers and adhering the pumpkins right to the centre of the tags.

And friends, in case you were wondering if the May Paper Craft Challenge will be returning for a second year, I have thought a lot about it and my answer is: yes! I definitely plan to make it an annual thing. I thought the first one went very successful, but most importantly, it was motivating and fun :)

Total project time: about 1 hour for eight tags.

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