Thanksgiving falls on a much later date here than usual (this year it's on October 14th!), but it's funny how that is even coming up real fast. Even though we are the kind of family that's never home on Thanksgiving, how could I pass up the opportunity to decorate with some adorable turkey balloons?!

Of course, having a nearly there 6-year-old is even more reason, because how strange would it be to make them just for my own enjoyment - HA!

For this project, I cut all the shapes on my Silhouette CAMEO. If you don't have one, no sweat. Because I've also added the PDF template to this post, which you'll find below.



Download this free SVG file (or PDF template to trace all the shapes). Open new files to separate the shapes. For the turkey's feathers, you'll need eleven of them. I cut mine in five different colours.

Tape the first layer like so.

Then add the remaining four feathers with tape.

It should look like this when you're finished.

Proceed with cutting a pair of eyes (in black and white). Tape the black "pupil" inside with the crafter's tape.

Finish with the beak.

Then blow up a balloon and tape the feathers to the back of it first before the face. If you feel like your tape isn't strong enough to hold it all together, you can also complete this project with a hot glue gun.

I love my Silhouette CAMEO. I've made so many fun projects with mine, and you can too. is having an amazing sale right now on their latest model. It comes with all kinds of extra perks, including a cutting mat. It's all for under $200 - check it out here!

Total project time: about 30 minutes for two balloons.

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