We all know that the best time for trick or treating is after dark, which makes safety practice in the streets that night extra crucial.

Enter: glow sticks! The glow sticks that I picked up for this project become bracelets that the kids can wear on Halloween night. But before that, I wanted to have a little fun with them by turning them into cute witches brooms! (Yes I'm giddy about this project). This craft takes very few minutes to do, and might even get you a smile or two. So keep on reading to learn how to make them.



Open the package of glow sticks and give them a good shake to activate their colour.

For each broom, trim a piece of Kraft paper to 2 7/8" and 5". Cut with the fringe scissors along the longer side up to about three-quarters of the way.

Start with one end and wrap the paper tightly around the glow stick, adding drops of glue along the top as you go.

Glue the end securely, then fluff open the ends of the broom with your fingers.

Finally, cut a piece of silver tape, and wrap it around the top of the broom.

Total project time: about 15 minutes for four brooms.

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