At first glace, you'll be fooled that these pom poms are gift tags too! Turn them over, and you'll see.

Pom poms are a fun way to dress up a wrapped package or gift bag, and these ones here definitely work double-duty. To learn how to make them, keep on reading below.



Follow the pom pom making instructions. To make colourful poms, choose three or more colours of yarn and wrap them around the pom pom maker at the same time. This a great way to also speed up the process of making pom poms, because if you've made them before you'll know it can be a little time consuming.

Make the tag with the 2" punch. I would recommend writing it now, before adhering the pom pom. Add a few foam dots to the tag. This way you're not gluing the pom right to the paper. If you were to do that, the surface will get lumpy like it would if the paper were wet.

Add dabs of hot glue to the foam dots, and attach the pom pom.

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