The Amara Interior Blog Awards are here again!

You may or may not remember, but last Fall White House Crafts was a runner up for Best Craft blog. Based out of the U.K., the Amara Interior Blog Awards recognizes and celebrates bloggers from all over the world. This year, category names have changed a bit. Rather than "Best Craft" blog, I’ve been nominated for Best Creative Skill blog in the international category!

I am super thrilled to have the honour to run for this title. Thank you so much friends, because it is your support over the years that has kept my creative engine chugging along. As much as I love doing what I do, having a fabulous audience supporting me makes it all the more worth while. So thank you for nominating this blog for the award, which is truly a reflection of me.

The voting is now open until Wednesday, September 11th at 7 am EST. Click on the voting button below to cast yours!

Once you're there, you simply enter your name and email and that's it. Just one vote will also make you eligible to win a Leica Camera that will be awarded at the end of the voting stages by Amara on September 26th! That's pretty cool, right?

Thank you again, friends. I do appreciate your support. Every vote counts, and it would awesome if yours is one of them.

As always, happy crafting!



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