For today's project friends, you're going to need a heck of a lot of craft punches. Because it was with craft punches that my craft addiction got started! In saying that, I have collected so many of them over the years. And even though I use my Silhouette to help me now perfect a lot of my project cuts (you can view a list of those projects right HERE), I still love my craft punches and use them at every opportunity I get!

Why? A few reasons actually. Not only are they close at hand and quick to use, but more importantly they allow me to use my imagination to come up with really unique and creative designs. As you'll see with the cupcake toppers in this post, each one was made with two or more craft punches coming together. And you can still make out that they are fruit! HA!

Learn how to make watermelon, orange, apple, strawberry, and grape cupcake toppers, which I think turned out super cute!


  • Card stock in the colours of the fruit, plus black, white, and Kraft paper

  • Craft punches:

(A) 2 1/2" circle punch

(B) 2" circle punch

(C) 1" circle punch

(D) 3/8" circle punch

(E) 3" scallop circle punch

(F) 2 3/8" flower punch

(G) 2 1/2" heart punch

(H) 1/4" hole punch



1. Use punch (A) and cut a semi-circle on green card stock. Do a similar shape that is slightly smaller on pink paper. Attach one on top of the other with the crafter's tape.

2. Make the watermelon "seeds" with (D), and tape in place.


1. Punch a semi-circle on the orange card stock using punch (A). With (B), create a similar shape in yellow. Use the scissors to cut it into four equal triangles.

2. Tape them to the top spaced evenly apart, to complete the orange slice.


1. Make a circle first using punch (B). Insert it back into the same punch, and snip a little bit off. Then, insert it into (E) punch to create the two "bite marks".

2. Free hand cut the "stem" on Kraft paper, and attach to the back of the apple with clear tape.


1. Make the strawberry shape using punch (G). On green card stock, create the "leaves" with punch (F), and attach to the top of the heart with the crafter's tape.

2. Finish by making the little "white seeds" with (H), and attach as shown.


1. Make five small circles in purple card stock with punch (C). Attach one on top of the other with the crafter's tape until the bunch is formed. Turn it over and reinforce it with clear tape. 2. Make a little "stem", like you did for the apple, and attach with tape to the back.

Once all the fruits are formed, attach a lollipop stick to the back of them.

Decorate some cupcakes!

Total project time: about 30 minutes for ten toppers.

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