Hosting a beach party? Maybe a mermaid party? Whatever it is, be sure to include this easy DIY!

With a few tools, these paper sea scallops can be made in just five minutes! But before you get started, I'll let you in on a hint. This project works best with a lightweight paper (something in the range of 70 - 80 lb/100 - 130 gsm). Card stock can make folding the paper (as you do in step 3) a little difficult.

Then once you've collected some fun and summery patterns, keep on reading on how to make them.



1. Cut a sheet of scrapbook paper to 6" x 5".

2. Score the paper vertically every 1/2".

3. Pleat like an accordion and fold it in the middle.

4. Add a little strip of hot glue to one side of the inner fold and bring them both together and attach.

5. In the same pattern, cut a small 1" x 1 1/2" rectangle and round two of the corners.

6. Attach the scallop to it as shown with the hot glue gun.

My paper fish was also a fun craft that I did for the May Paper Craft Challenge. You can learn how to make them HERE.

Total project time: about 20 minutes for all four sea scallops.

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