When it comes to summer, there is so much inspiration around us. Take a beach scene, and you can grab your tokens anywhere from colourful towels to sand pails, seagulls to sandals. How about them juicy summer fruits? We certainly get spoiled in the summer.

Today's fun craft takes all of summer has to offer into three doable cards! You'll need a whole bunch of scrapbook paper (including colour, patterned and glitter paper), scissors, double-sided tape, adhesive foam dots, a paper trimmer, and much more. Once you've gathered those things, read down below for the instructions on how to create three fun summery cards.

At the Beach:

Trim one inch off the long side of a regular letter-sized card stock paper. Fold it in half. Every card is made in layers. Find a suitable beach-inspired scrapbook paper for the background, such as sandals. After trimming it, round the corners with a corner rounder punch and tape it to the centre of the card face. Make "sand" with a glitter paper in a champagne colour. Create the sun with a 2 1/2" circle punch. Make small triangle shapes for the "rays" to complete the look of the sun. The umbrella was created with a 3" circle punch. Insert three different glitter papers into the punch, making each semi-circle smaller than the last. Tape all the pieces together. Finish by making a "pole" and "sand pail".


This cactus card takes no time at all. In fact, does it look kind of familiar to you? For my May Paper Craft Challenge Day 7, I made the exact same cactus! But first, prepare the card. As in At the Beach, trim one inch off the long side of a regular letter-sized card stock paper. Fold it in half. Using a 2" oval punch and green paper, cut a bunch of shapes. Tape them together to form the shape of a saguaro and add a few colorful flowers to the tops. Attach the larger cactus first, after applying the sun made with a 2 1/2" circle punch. Add the little cactus after placing a few foam dots underneath to give it a little height.

Sweet Watermelons:

Make the card first exactly as you did for the first two. Use a 3" circle punch to make the watermelons, cutting each shape a tad smaller than the one before it. The colours you'll need are green, white, and pink. Tape one on top of the other in that order. Add black "seeds" with more glitter paper. Then attach both watermelons to the card with foam dots. Add the phrase "SWEET STUFF" to the front using the letters of your choice.

I hope you've found this post inspiring to create some funtastic summer cards! Use your imagination, a little colour, and help from your tools, and you'll have some beautiful and creative cards to share all summer long.

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