Certainly ice cream has been the theme here lately, but this idea takes the cake! I just love how these pom pom ice cream gift toppers turned out. They almost make it hard to open any present!

To make them too, keep on reading for what you'll need.



For each gift, make two pom poms in the same size, but in different colours. For first time pom pom goers, I do recommend buying the product! It makes the process both easier and the more wraps of yarn around it, the fuller, more rounded your pom poms will be.

I use embroidery scissors to cut the yarn when it's on the pom pom maker because they are small, but the fabric scissors help round the pom poms quicker with every sharp snip. Do your best to cut around the pom as evenly as possible.

Cut a triangle shape on Kraft paper. Round the pointed bottom with scissors. Then score it on a diagonal every 1/4", rotate and repeat. This will give the cone a waffle look.

Add a bunch of foam dots to give the cone some height, then secure it to the top of a wrapped gift before adding the pom poms.

Hot glue the pom poms on next. Then finish the look of your gifts with stickers if you wish.

For my gifts today I used scrapbook paper to wrap them! It has just the right thickness so that the glue won't burn thru (of course, a heavy duty wrapping paper will also work). Also, how fun are these patterns?! If you have smaller gifts that will wrap in a 12" x 12" scrap paper sheet easily, I say go for it! In my case, I used the Treat Yourself 12" x 12" paper pad by The Paper Studio found at Hobby Lobby stores.

Such a fun gift wrap idea for summer, won't you say?

Total project time: about 15 - 20 minutes per gift.

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