When I started making the little flowers you see in today's post, I didn't know it yet that they would collectively come together to make a pretty and colourful summer wreath. Sometimes one small project can lead to something bigger and better, like this one here!

To create this beauty wall hanging, you'll need to make sure you have one small tool handy: a 1" heart punch! It does a lot of the work for you. But you'll also need:



1. For each flower, punch five heart shapes in the same colour. You will need 11 flowers in total for the wreath.

2. Fold each heart in half, then use the hot glue gun to attach them together with their corners touching until a flower is formed.

3. Glue a small pom pom in the centre of each flower.

4. Use the same punch to make a few "leaves". Use scissors to cut the hearts into small leaf shapes.

5. Hot glue four popsicle sticks together into a square.

6. Tie a one-foot piece of ribbon into a double knot.

7. Attach a leaf to the flowers with the hot glue. You can leave some without if you wish.

8. Finally, hot glue the flowers to the popsicle stick form, covering it completely.

Total project time: approximately 1 hour.

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