Hello, friends!

I just wanted to pop in to give you all an update and recap on the May Paper Craft Challenge.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your involvement via all the love through shares, comments, and questions that you had for me.

I have put in countless hours to pop out 22 paper crafts for the month of May (I shared one post every Monday through Friday, except for Victoria Day holiday).

The concept wasn't conceived until well past the middle of April, so it was go go go from the start. As you know, the whole idea was to do a little Spring clean up. I wanted to get rid of as much scrap paper as possible, and success! My drawers haven't looked emptier.

In fact, I didn't spend a single penny on any of these crafts. I used all of my resources to the fullest, whether it be my craft punches or Silhouette to help me with some of the cuts.

I wish I could keep this momentum going all the time, but I'm glad I took the leap because it was loads of fun. I also hope that it has inspired you or your children to make something, anything, because being crafty and creative is where it's at. And you don't need a lot of things to work with to make creativity happen.

Based on my insights (eg. the number of views and shares), here were your top 5 favourite paper craft projects from the May Paper Craft Challenge!




5. Day 13: Accordion Fish

4. Day 2: Personalized Bookmarks

3. Day 1: Spring Butterflies

2. Day 3: Layered Cake Birthday Card

1. Day 8: Hot Air Balloon Garland


Although I can't see into the future, I am thinking how awesome it would be to make this an annual thing! Would you like that?

Thanks again for your support along the way, friends.

As always, happy crafting!

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