I am the kind of gal who loves having plants in my home. I've made sure to place them in every room, including the bathrooms, because I feel every space deserves a little pick-me-up. But besides them looking good and adding brightness to your home, plants can help with your health too. For example, certain plants can help remove toxins and purify the air around you. Plus, taking care of any type of plant is a good way of reducing stress.

A home filled with plants is a healthy home. But, if you're unsure of which houseplants are right for you or how to properly take care of your existing foliage, ProFlowers has come through with a wealth of information to help you. They've also generously offered these five free printables to help you take care of your plants. The printables include care basics, with beautiful illustrations of the most common house plants; a watering chart; and, a weekly and monthly journal to help you increase the longevity of your plants for years to come.

The most common factors to consider when choosing plants for your home are the following:

  • How much space do I have?

  • What is the lighting like?

  • What is my style?

  • Do I have pets? Or small children?

Space will help you determine if you're looking for large or small plants, floor or ledge plants. Lighting will narrow your choices too because some plants need direct sun, while others will thrive in low light. Your style will also play a factor. Are you looking for a low-key look or are you looking to create a small garden? And, if you live in a pet friendly home, you'll need to consider your critters too. In my case I have cats, so most of the plants in my home are cacti and succulents. With these plants, there are fewer chances of the leaves being eaten! If they consume certain plants, not only will it cause damage to the growth cycle of your plants, but your pets may also be harmed. The same thought process can be applied to small children.

Keeping a journal is also important, especially if you're taking care of plants unfamiliar to you.

Lastly, the watering checklist is the most useful one for me. I have nearly two dozen small and medium plants, and they are all on different watering schedules! This way, I can make sure that none are getting too much or too little water.

So now it's up to you to download these printables, which you can do right HERE. And, there's far more tips, plus a brief description on each of these houseplants when you click on ProFlowers' blog HERE.

I hope you've found this post quite helpful, friends. Please feel free to share it with your all plant-loving friends!

*Thank you to ProFlowers for providing the content and sponsoring today's post. All opinions shared here are my own.*

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