Hello, friends! Welcome back after a long Easter weekend. I hope you had an amazing one.

I have some news - over the last week, I decided to propose a challenge for myself and for this blog. Over the month of May, every Monday through Friday, I'll be sharing a different paper craft project right here with you every day! That's 22 in all (I won't be posting on Victoria Day), which is the most I've ever done in one month!

Why? Well, there's no question that I enjoy crafting, especially with paper. But the truth is, it all started after I began unpacking all the boxes for my craft room after our 6-week basement renovation. I realized that I have WAY more scrap paper than I'd like to keep. My goal is to condense the craft space that we have in our home, and that means that I'll do whatever I can to use up as much leftover material as I can in the next few months. But for May alone, I'd like to get rid of as much paper scraps that I have laying around, evidently taking up three whole drawers in my storage unit!

May couldn't be a crazier time in my life too, which is why this is going to be a REAL challenge. But I'm excited, and I've been feeling real good to just sit down and whip up a few fun crafts without thinking too hard about them. The idea is to use up as many paper scraps! So these projects will be small, cute, family-friendly, and most of all creative where anything goes.

Here's a sneak peek at some projects to come without giving away too much (it should play as a slideshow, but if it doesn't work, just click on the right arrow):

Before I sign off though, I want you to take part! In fact I encourage it, and would love to see the projects that you make. You can share them with me either on Instagram or Twitter by using the hashtag #whcmaypaperchallenge, or by sending me an email with images of your work. I know it would make this whole journey so much more fun, so I hope that you'll join in too!

So get ready to be inspired, and get those paper scraps ready. I'll be seeing you again on May 1, and I hope you'll like what's to come!

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