I enjoy making these little projects because they don't take much time at all, but the kids just love them! Because every child deserves a "GREAT JOB!", hearing it is no comparison to showing it and then watching them wear their ribbon proud.

You'll make a simple prize ribbon in today's post. Although I used craft punches to make my circles perfectly round, you can cut the shapes with scissors too. This is also a great way to get rid of scraps laying around. I just enjoy mixing and matching patterns! I tried dots, stripes, and other geometric patterns, but you can use any papers that suit your tastes (just make sure that it's a card stock for weight).



Punch a circle in each size and use the crafter's tape to attach the smaller circle on top of the larger one.

Cut a strip of paper to 6' x 7/8" and then cut it in half. Snip one end of both strips in a diagonal, and then attach them with their points facing in to the top of the ribbon with tape.

On a side note: after I shot the photos for this post, I happened to attach one of the ribbons to a hot pink gift bag near the handles, and it looked great!

Total project time: about 20 minutes for five ribbons.

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