Although I am not "back" yet to crafting or blogging on a regular basis (I still haven't picked up a pair of scissors since my confetti wrap project :(), I am however excited to share these great organizing printables provided by the generous team over at Shutterfly! Janey, who sent these to me, has said it best...

"Staying organized all year can be one of the hardest things to do! At one point, so many projects and tasks are on your plate that it may feel like you’re constantly working to put out fires! With that said, I thought I’d share these super cute and versatile to-do list printables from Shutterfly. I find that writing things down really helps keep me motivated. Not to mention how great it feels to cross off finished tasks. I also love that these printables include something for every working style and need. Whether you prefer an hourly to-do list, need a task list for each room in your home or you’re just looking for a motivational visual, I hope these printables help you achieve a productive and organized year!"

- Janey Velasco

There are 8 printables and I do hope that you take advantage of all of them. First, download the PDF (which includes all 8!) and save it to your computer or phone where you will be able to find it again, because you'll want to keep these for the future too!

Which list or lists here can you see fitting into your daily routine? I really like "Today" because honestly that's how I work. Everyday I have a list coming out of my ears, and I can't sleep at night until every task on it is done. So keeping notes and breaking items down by the hour is extremely helpful.

"Groceries" comes in handy too, and the little fruit clip art is just darling on this printable!

*Thank you to Shutterfly for providing the content and sponsoring today's post. All opinions shared here are my own.*

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