Wrapping gifts is one of my favourite "hobbies". I never look at it as a chore, but as an opportunity to be creative and have fun. For today's project though, I wanted to try something a little different, so instead of wrapping a box, I made some to look like birthday cakes!

These little cakes are about 4" in diameter, and are perfect for little gifts such as jewellery or small toys and trinkets. They are also easy to put together with the right tools. Keep on reading to learn how to make them.



1. First, give the exterior of the box two coats of paint (allow 30 minutes of drying time between coats). In the meantime, use the punch to create the confetti or "sprinkles" to spread over the top of the cake. Choose colours that compliment nicely with the colour of your cake.

2. You can either free hand cut or use my free SVG file to make the scalloped "icing" that goes around the lid. Attach it with hot glue.

3. Apply glue with the stick around the edge of the top of the box lid. Add the sprinkles and shake off the extra ones that don't stick.

4. Use paper straws to create the candles. Free hand cut the candle "flames" with yellow paper. Glue them into the straws with the glue gun, and then use it to attach the candles to the top of the cake.

Total project time: about 30 minutes for two boxes (not including drying time).

I feel like this is the perfect little surprise gift box nobody would expect. I hope you enjoyed it too, friends!

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