Some time ago in the Fall, I started to transition my daughter's room to one more suitable for a 5-year-old. I introduced unicorns as a theme without trying to overdo it, and bought a cute unicorn print and other paraphernalia to go around the room. Now it was time to swap out the old butterfly art on the opposing wall, and here is where today's project comes in.

But instead of making more unicorn prints, I tried to create the magic in other ways to tie in with the theme. I came up with one rainbow heart piece (she loved it!), and another that reads "Create Your Own Magic" - which I think is inspiration that every little girl needs to hear!

I also made the prints square to fit into the same 8" x 8" frames. You can resize them if you wish, or not use them for art at all. Either way, I think they definitely fit the bill for what I had in mind!