The nice thing about birthdays is that they are always coming and going, and when they are just about coming up - I like to put on my creative gift wrapping thinking cap!

And I did just that to make these presents with layered birthday cakes on them. Working with a box is best, so if you have a present that's just like that, give this project a try! This is a great way to get rid of some of your scrap paper too if you have some.



Measure the wrapped present to determine how large to make the base of the cake, which is basically a square or a rectangle. Then cut it out with the trimmer. Make layers of the same width. Use the edger punch to give a scalloped edge to the icing that goes on top of the cake. Make the flames for the candles with the petal by petal punch. Discard the shapes you don't need. Add a strip to the bottom for the plate too (mine is white), making it a few centimetres longer than the width of the cake.

Assemble the cake together before attaching it to the gift.

Turn the cake over and lay a piece of tape flat across the top of the cake, and attach the candles this way, spacing them evenly apart.

Once the cake is assembled, tape the plate first, then fit the cake snugly on top. Attach the flames to the candles.

Add a few sprinkles. The easiest way to make sticky sprinkles is to attach a piece of double-sided tape to paper and trim a thin strip of about 1/16". Remove the tape film and cut little tiny rectangles. Stick them inside the "creamy layers" of the cake.

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