2019 was an interesting year for me for blogging. I remember starting the year off strong, with posts such as my cake boxes, then dwindling a bit some time around Valentine's. Possibly because I had our upcoming renovation a lot on my mind, and most of my craft room things had been cleared out of the house by then.

Then the blog really slowed down during the months of March and April while the work in the basement took place. After moving our things back in, some time near the end of April I had this crazy idea: which was to bring you a full months worth of paper crafting inspiration which I called the May Paper Craft Challenge!

It was a rush to get it going since the idea came to me at such a late date, and I remember spending a lot of late nights crafting at my table, then a few afternoons between work shifts spending hours photographing project after project. It was amazing that I pulled it off, and I promised myself to get a much earlier start on it this year!

In June, July, and August, the posts were a little light too because of summer and my breaks were mostly spent with my daughter who was five at the time. The nice thing about the summer though is the amount of daylight that I can work with to get in as much photography as possible.

As soon as September hit though I had Halloween and Christmas already on my mind, so inspiration for those two holidays came quickly and motivated me to work hard and work ahead.

This past Christmas though, something completely unexpected happened when my dad passed away on the afternoon of December 2nd. It was a dreadful few days leading up to his death, and each and every day since then has been an emotional ride for me.

At some point, I had to go back to work, and pushed myself to work on the blog again too. As I did that, I got an email from Wix stating that they would no longer be supporting the "old blog" as of April, 2020. I was still blogging under the old format because I was happy with how my blog looked, regardless of some of the kinks in it. With the "new blog", I am a little more limited on what I can do, and have not been completely satisfied as of yet. Consequently, all of the pages got a little update, but I'm still trying to work through what I like about it and what I don't like.

Which brings me to the point that I wanted to have a post of 2019's 10 most popular projects, but as a result of the switch I have lost all of my analytics, so I don't really know! Instead, I have for you my top 10 favourites, which I hope you'll agree and I've numbered them in chronological order from oldest to more recent.

So here we go...




1. 3D Paper Flamingo Ornaments (with Free Cut File)

2. 3D Paper Peeps Ornaments (with Free Template)

3. DIY Candy Flower Treats for Easter (with Free Template)

4. Pom Pom Ice Cream Gift Wrap

5. 3 Fun Scrapbook Paper Cards for Summer

6. Using Craft Punches to Make Fruity Cupcake Toppers

7. DIY Ombre Gemstone Notebooks with Matching Paper Clips

8. Colourful Paper Punched Pumpkin Gift Tags

9. DIY Glitter Gift Tags

10. DIY Advent Calendar with We R Memory Keepers


Here's to a new year, new ideas, and most importantly, health and happiness to everyone all around.

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