Though there's been a few changes in my life this past year, I will call it another successful year of blogging some really awesome crafts!

At the end of every year as you know, I like to recap some of my accomplishments from the past year. So for today, I chose 18 of my favourite projects, which includes a few paper and washi tape crafts, seasonal projects, and other DIYs. These are projects that I had the most fun making, and have loved the outcome even more.

My goal is this: to show you that you can make it, and that there's no right or wrong when it comes to creativity. Some of my crafts have had a purpose, but most of them I do to see what comes out of them. That's the fun really!

So without further adieu...


Paper & washi tape crafts:

I don't think I'll ever get bored working with paper. You can create some really fantastic projects with the right kind. My favourite right now is lots of glitter, but I'll take some really pretty patterns too!

From top left:

Metallic Washi Tape Rainbow Tags

For Mom: Easy Cupcake Liner Name Badge

Metallic Washi Tape Bumble Bees