Friends, I'm excited to "wrap" up the holidays with this FF post bringing you all kinds of gift wrapping ideas. If you're still in this stage, I hope you'll find some inspiration below.

I also want to wish you all a very, merry Christmas! THANK YOU for another great year. It did come with its challenges (with my new job in January, the blog did slow down for a bit, and I did have close my online shop and switch solely to custom orders), but it also came with lots of ups (remember my magazine feature? Or my nomination for Best Craft Blog?!)

I will be back again hopefully before the year is out to share with you some of my favourite projects for the last 12 months. I hope you'll join me for that!

This week's Friday favourites are:

From top left:

Tinsel Gift Wrap (6 Way I'm Wrapping My Holiday Gifts this Year)

DIY Bottle Brush Car Gift Wrap via Aww Sam

Snowflake Tassel Gift Toppers

Gold Gift Toppers via Tell, Love and Party

Letters & Ribbons (6 Way I'm Wrapping My Holiday Gifts this Year)

Santa Boots Ribbon Wrapped Presents (with F