All the credit for the inspiration behind today’s post goes to my beautiful 5-year-old daughter. Lately she’s had this new obsession with balloons, and tries so hard to blow them up, but her little lungs still don’t have the strength to do so.

Then when I watched her play, I got an idea. Why not make it more fun and turn the balloons into Christmas characters?!

To make them, I used my Silhouette CAMEO to design and cut all the shapes, which I attached to the balloons with a hot glue gun.

To make your fun characters of Rudolph, Santa, and Elf, download the SVG files below.

Download HERE for Rudolph.

Download HERE for Santa.

Download HERE for Elf.

Open all the files and divide the shapes up by copying and pasting them into new files in groups by the paper of your choice. For the Santa and Elf hats and Santa beard, they will require one letter page each. You can group the smaller shapes together and cut multiples on one sheet. I used a mix of glitter paper and card stock. Always remember to adjust the blade on the CAMEO accordingly.

In the meantime, heat up the glue gun. Since some pieces will overlap each other, glue them together first before attaching them to the balloons. As a good trick to get those reindeer antlers to stay up, attach a small treat stick to the back of them first. Then copy the photos in this post to attach all the pieces to the balloons.

Total project time: about 45 minutes for three balloons.

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