This is probably my favourite craft this whole holiday season because I'll say it again, I love paper! Everything about these stockings, besides the little ribbon used to hang them, is made with card stock. What I love is mixing and matching different patterns and colours together, and I did it here again to create these little festive stockings for the whole family (including my three fur balls).

You can get away with doing this project without a Silhouette CAMEO, but I used mine to cut the shapes for the stocking, plus the letters. You can always hand cut the stocking shapes, and use glitter stickers in place for the names.



1. For your Silhouette, download this SVG file for the shape of the stocking and the flap (or if you'll be taking the hand cutting route, you'll find both shapes for the stocking in this PDF file). Separate the two files by pasting one into a different window, and cut the stocking out first as many as you need on pretty patterned paper. Then cut the same number of flaps and use the double-sided tape to secure the flaps to the tops of the stockings. Next, cut the names on the glitter paper and attach them to the flaps with the glue stick (or use stickers).

2. Cut even pieces of white ribbon (about 4") and hot glue the ends together.

3. Hot glue the ribbons to the back of the stockings.

4. Make the bows with the paper punches on the same glitter paper. Use the balloon punch and hot glue two balloons into each other. Glue a circle shape on top. Attach bows to the stockings with the glue gun.

Total project time: about 1 hour for six stockings.




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