Here's a cute little craft for the kids (or yourself!)

I always try to find a way to get rid of some extra yarn, and since I'm not a knitter, you can always count on me to whip up a good pom pom project!

Since I've haven't made one for Christmas yet, here's some cute reindeer head ornaments. I used my Silhouette CAMEO to create the antlers, and I'm offering them as a free SVG download below. Or, you can use this PDF template to cut them out and trace them (I'm awful at cutting, so I always prefer my CAMEO over my hand cutting abilities!)

To make these ornaments, keep on reading below.



1. Make the pom pom according to the instructions.

2. Take a lengthy piece of yarn to tie a double knot in the middle.

3. Pull the pom off the maker and tie the two long ends together (so that you can hang it later).

4. Cut evenly around the pom pom with a very good sharp pair of scissors.

5. Download this SVG file and insert the glitter paper with the cutting mat into the Silhouette. Cut out the antlers.

6. Add a little hot glue to the bottom of the antlers and attach to the top of the pom. Then adhere a small red pom for the nose.

Total project time: about 45 minutes for four ornaments.

With the holidays approaching, you or someone you know may benefit from this amazing Amazon offer of the latest Silhouette CAMEO (there is a SUPER sale going on right now too, where the entire bundle including a mat is under $200!)

I hope you enjoyed this project, friends. Happy crafting :)

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