My favourite kind of craft is coming up with unique gift toppers, and no better time than the present to put on those creative thinking caps. The holidays are a perfect time of year to go nuts with creativity, because every little detail definitely gets noticed. Today, I'm showing you one of my favourite gift ideas to date! Hello Santa's shiny boots! Here's what you need to copy this look:


Tip: I worked with a ribbon thickness of just under 1 1/2". Make sure to measure the thickness of your ribbon, and adjust the size of the boots accordingly in the program.


1. Download this SVG file to your computer to create the boots in your Silhouette (or download this PDF version if you wish to trace the shapes and cut them). First, place the black paper on the cutting mat and insert it into the machine to make the boots. Then switch to the silver paper to create the boot folds. Glue the folds to the top of the boots with the hot glue gun (white glue may not adhere as well to glitter paper).

2. Cut three lengths of ribbon, about 4" long, and fold over two pieces and hot glue the ends together. Take the last piece and glue it around where they meet in the middle to complete a bow.

3. Cut two more pieces of ribbon (4" - 5") for Santa's legs. Glue the boots to one end.

4. Attach the legs to the bow.

Attach the whole piece to a gift, and you're all set!

Total project time: about 7 minutes per present.

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