It seems that a lot of people these days ask for gift cards. They are not quite sure what they really want, but a gift card at their favourite store will do until they make up their mind. I often don't even follow wish lists (maybe one wish list item, and a surprise gift), but I have to admit that sometimes gift cards are a little easier, especially when the kids get older and hit their teen years (I have a niece and nephew that fit this bracket!)

That's why today's post focuses on a craft to help hold those little plastic cards in style. I love these types of projects though, because it makes you feel a least a little good about giving a gift card to someone because you've made something special to go with it (am I right?) This was also a fun project for me because I love mixing and matching patterns and colours. This is a good way for you to use up your scraps if you have any. If not, you'll want to see the shopping guide for paper at the bottom of this post!

To make a bunch of these gift card envelopes, read on for the instructions.