This simple craft, which can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike, will help add a little richness to the tree. If you like colour, or want to go beyond the traditional colours this year, this one's for you!

For this project, I used a collection of PLAID craft paints. I love using PLAID because the paint goes on so smooth, which is especially important when painting wood. Plus, there's so many fantastic colours to choose from!

To make these ornaments for your tree, gather the following items. I made three ornaments, so my measurements match accordingly.



1. Insert three beads onto each treat stick and give each one two coats of paint of the same colour, allowing about 15 minutes for the first coat to dry. Then lay the sticks down on the paper cups to let the beads dry fully.

2. Once the beads are fully dry, pull them off the treat sticks and discard the sticks and the cups.

3. String a pipe cleaner through seven beads, in one each colour, then pull them tight together and twist the pipe cleaner two times to hold the beads in place.

4. Cut off the ends to complete the ring and tie ribbon around it in a double knot. Then tie the two loose ends of the ribbon together to get the ornament ready to hang.

*This was not a sponsored post by PLAID. I just swear by these paints, and I share because I care!*

Total project time: about 1 hour, including drying time.

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