Lately the mornings here have been a tad cold, and I’ve had to send the little one off with her mittens and hat to school. (In fact, in some parts of the country, there's been snow reported!)

In today’s post, I took ordinary paper mittens (which you can download below for free!) and made them super fun and colourful for the season. I’m saving them for future Christmas gifts (they would look adorable hanging from a plain gift bag). The fun part is that you can decorate them any way you like. Here are a few ideas. I used washi tape, paper punches, and rhinestones to make them all unique and pretty.

To begin, either download this PDF version and trace the shape onto card stock. If you have a Silhouette CAMEO, download this SVG file instead and let it do the hard work for you. The mittens measure just under 4" in length.

Snowflake mittens:

Add a strip of colourful polka-dotted washi tape to the bottom of the mittens. Punch two snowflake shapes with a 2" snowflake punch and glue to the centre of the mittens. Glue a clear rhinestone in the centre of the snowflakes.

Button mittens:

Add a strip of blue washi tape to the bottom of the mittens, then overlap a thinner strip of washi in a chevron pattern. Then use Martha Stewart's button punch to create two buttons on white glitter paper. Wrap string through the button holes and tie a double knot underneath. Then, hot glue the buttons to the mittens. Finish the mittens off by gluing tiny snowflake shapes.

Bling mittens:

Add three pink rhinestones at 3/4" in size along the bottom of the mittens. If they aren't adhesive, attach with hot glue. Attach strips of pink washi tape in a diagonal pattern on both mitts. Overlap another washi tape (this one with a chevron pattern) over the strips.

After the mittens are complete, tape yarn to the back of them if you plan to hang them or use them on a gift. They would also look cute on the front of a card!

Total project time: about 30 - 40 minutes for three pairs of mittens.




Thanks for taking a look today, friends. Happy crafting!

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