One of my favourite days of the year is Halloween, and with it being only a month away, I thought I would get started on some fun Halloween crafts.

First up, these adorable, playful yarn puppets! Aren't they cute?! I think kids will enjoy playing with these, and all it takes is a few minutes of your time (nudge, nudge mom and dad). While kids can make them too, I'd be cautious around the sharp scissors needed for this project (I recommend fabric scissors) and the hot glue gun used to bind all the pieces together. Read on for more on how to make these hairy, non-scary, cuties.



1. Take the ends of all three yarn balls and wrap them around the cardboard (I used this!) about 45 to 50 times. Cut them loose when you're done.

2. Pull the yarn off and with a separate long piece, tie a double knot at one end.

3. At the other end, cut the ends evenly, then flip it inside out so that you don't see where you knotted it.

4. Add hot glue to the one end of a treat stick and adhere it up the centre. Then, hot glue a large googly eye to the front of the puppet.

Total time: about 20 minutes for four puppets.

Have you started your Halloween crafting? If not, hopefully this easy project will inspire you to get started!

Thanks again for taking a look, friends. Happy crafting!

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