This past August marked three whole years for White House Crafts! Every year I've acknowledged my blogiversary in some way. Today I'm doing it again by sharing some of my favourite projects with you. I'm also throwing in a little perspective about blogging, how this site has adjusted to changes in my life, and what you should expect to see here in the future.

As many of you know, White House Crafts started has an online shop for my handmade cards and gift tags. If you haven't noticed, months ago I closed the store, but created a new page that says I'm open for business for all your custom orders made through the contact page or by email. It was a change I had to make because keeping both the blog and shop going is basically a full time job. But the truth is, I have a job! So I had to figure out what was most important to me, and that's the blog. Going forward, I will be putting my full attention into blogging, as it's now the integral part of White House Crafts.

Crafting has always been a huge part of who I am, and I continue to enjoy spending my time with crafts. But blogging about crafts can become a real heartfelt pressure if you let it get to you. Sometimes I feel pressure about creating ideas that are original, and sometimes I let it worry me when there's a large gap between my posts. It wasn't until I went back to work in January when I had a little time away from the blog, that I realized I was letting it get the best of me, and that all of it isn't really important when you're doing something that you truly enjoy.

As long as I can still craft in my little free time, and share it here which I love to do, that's what is important. I value you, but I know I won't be able to bring you inspiration every day, and that's just the darn truth. Even if I tried, I feel like it would defeat the purpose because I would just be working hard just to keep a schedule, and not really having any fun.

I plan on remaining the sole contributor to the blog, even though I've been asked many times about guest posts. I've also been receiving more emails about sponsorship. To be honest, I've turned many of them down because I didn't feel they fit the theme of this blog. I know that sponsorship can also be a touchy subject, as bloggers are often perceived as taking free stuff and therefore their blogs become less of who they are. But if I find that in those emails it's a topic that's related to crafts, or it's a freebie for you, I will take it.

All that being said, thank you so much for sticking around, and if you're new to this blog, I welcome you. There's so much here to see, and I hope you'll find something that inspires you or teaches you or makes you feel confident in being creative. To all, thanks for celebrating 3 years with me! Below you will find some of the projects that I had the most fun making, because after all, this is what it's all about.


(In order by category and most recent):


Double-Sided Washi Tape Popsicles (with Free Template)

DIY Paper Fans

Metallic Washi Tape Bumble Bees

Metallic Washi Tape Rainbow Tags

Pineapple Rosettes with Free Cut File

Envelope Dressing with Washi Tape

DIY Gold & Geometric Circle Art

MIY Colourful Confetti Gift Tags


Glitter Gift Wrap & How to Make Your Own Glitter Shapes

Alphabet Stamped Gift Wrap

DIY Confetti Gift Wrap

Pom Pom & Tassel Gift Wrap

Geometric Cork Gift Wrapping Ideas


DIY Pom Pom Ice Cream Cups

Easy Flamingo Cupcake Toppers (with Free Cut File)

DIY Fringed Felt Saguaro Art

DIY Pom Pom Rainbow Art

DIY Multicoloured Pom Pom Magnets

Fancy Gemstone Gift Card Envelopes


Easter Bunny Egg Treats (with Free Printable)

Wooden Conversation Hearts Garland

DIY Valentine Candy Dispenser Machines

Christmas Paper Lights Garland

DIY Holiday Rhinestone Ornaments

DIY Colourful Painted "MERRY" Letters

Holiday Paper Wreaths

Black, White & Gold Halloween Gift Wrapping Ideas

DIY Googly Eyes Drop Earrings

DIY Easter Treat Baskets

Paper Geometric Heart Art

How to Make Pimped-Out Mummy Gift Tags


Happy crafting, friends!

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