By now you know that I'm a lover of paper, but one thing that I never made with paper before is earrings. So I gave it a try, and I think they turned out real pretty! Read on below for what you need to imitate this project plus the how-to.


  • Card stock (both solid and patterned)

  • 2" circle punch (similar)

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • 1/8" hole punch

  • Fish hook ear wires (mine are 14K gold plated by Bead Landing from Michaels)

  • Small needle nose pliers (similar)


1. Gather three sheets of card stock: two solids and one pattern. Punch out two circles in each one and figure out the order. I put my patterns on top.

2. Take the circles for the second layer and insert them back into the punch and cut them a little less than the half way mark. Glue the parts that are shaped like a crescent to the first layers and cut off the over hang.

3. Take the last two circles and insert them into the punch to make a pointed ellipse. Glue them to the tops as shown.

4. Finally, take the small hole punch and create a hole at the top of each earring. Use the pliers to open the fish hook ear wires. Insert an earring into each one, and close them up with the pliers.

Total time: about 10 minutes per pair.




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