There's never not a good excuse to celebrate kids - all the little things they do, the small accomplishments, the big milestones, and going back to school after a long summer break is a feat in itself. Kids and kids crafts are always on my mind at this time of year. So let's celebrate kids with fun glitter confetti badges they'll be proud to wear!



Make the glitter confetti using the punch. Mix a variety of colours: pink, blue, yellow, purple, etc. Store it in the paper cup and set it aside for later.

Download the top part of the badge for your Silhouette HERE. You have the option of resizing it. I made mine to about 3 1/2" in diametre. Place the first sheet of glitter card stock on the cutting mat and cut. Then cut more in all the colours. You can discard the small circles, but the larger ones become the backing on the badges.

Make one badge at a time. Drop confetti on the backing part. Take an archival bag and cut a circle of about 3" (to fit just inside the backing). Place it over the confetti and apply tape all around it making sure there's no where for the confetti to escape. Cut around the circle to remove the overhung tape.

Apply hot glue all the way around the perimetre of the circle backing and adhere the front of the badge. Last, cut lengths of ribbon (about 3 pieces depending on the width you choose), and attach to the back of the badge with either the hot glue or tape.

I just love a good confetti project, especially one with glitter! Hopefully, kids will appreciate it too.

Total time per badge: about 15 minutes.

Thanks for taking a look, friends. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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